Flux provides a wide variety of software to its users. The catalog is viewable by using the links below (unless you are holding your computer over your head).

Note, all software on Flux should be presumed not to be approved for use for any commercial purposes whatsoever without explicit statement to the contrary from the operators.

Commercial purposes include use in conjunction with any consulting for which any fee is received, as part of any service for which a fee is charged, for product development, or for any research for which both the data and the results are freely shareable with anyone.

Alphabetical by package name


Software development tools (programming languages, version control, libraries, etc.)
Engineering and modeling (FEA, CFD, etc.) programs
Statistical and Mathematical programs
Bioinformatics (sequencing tools, ???)

Approved for commercial use

Private licenses (Contact us if you are interested in joining a license for software listed in this category: