XSEDE is an open scientific discovery infrastructure combining leadership class resources at eleven partner sites to create an integrated, persistent computational resource. It is the successor to TeraGrid.

XSEDE integrates high-performance computers, data resources and tools. Currently, XSEDE resources include more than a petaflop of computing capability and more than 30 petabytes of online and archival data storage. Researchers can also access more than 100 discipline-specific databases.

Who Uses XSEDE

XSEDE is for users who need access to resources that can not be provided on campus, such as users who need access to very large parallel jobs, huge amounts of total jobs, or large data access and visualization.

XSEDE Campus Champions

U-M participates in the XSEDE Campus Champions program. You are encouraged to make an appointment with us to guide you through the process of applying to XSEDE or using the XSEDE resources. Questions and requests for support should be directed to hpc-support@umich.edu.

Getting an Allocation

XSEDE requires an allocation to use the resources. For details, see the Using XSEDE Guide.
There are two types of allocations:

  • Start-up allocations of up to 200,000 SU’s (Service Unit), which are reviewed quickly.
  • Research allocations for larger numbers of SU’s, which are reviewed four times a year.
  • Teaching allocations, up to 200,000 SU’s for the support of course work by students enrolled in that course.

All allocation requests go through the XSEDE User Portal.

Available Resources

To find available XSEDE resources when choosing where to request your allocation, see the Resource Catalog, or contact hpc-support@umich.edu.

Training Opportunities:

XSEDE offers training throughout the year listed on the XSEDE Course Calendar. XSEDE also maintains a collection of online training resources.


How do I connect to XSEDE resources from CAEN HPC resources?

You can connect to XSEDE from CAEN HPC resources using the TeraGrid Client Toolkit.

You can also transfer files directly between XSEDE, Flux and other Globus endpoints.  Every XSEDE resources has a  xsede# endpoint. http://cac.engin.umich.edu/resources/login-nodes/globus-gridftp

Are there papers on XSEDE?

A lab on campus wrote a paper encouraging others to use TeraGrid (the name of XSEDE at the time of publication). You can find the paper by the Thornton group on Springer Link.

How do I get support?

Questions and requests for support should be directed to hpc-support@umich.edu.